More photos. Fewer adjectives.

  • Artichoke "sunflower" With Caviar

    41° Experience

    41. The thought of eating 41 dishes is at once exciting and only best offers inexpensive viagra daunting. In framing it as 41 bites of food, the notion of it becomes something more manageable. However, it was not…

  • Stunning plates. Delicious dishes.

    Bero’s Beautiful

    I first encountered Matt Kantor and his cooking at the Australia Day dinner a couple years back. Well known for his Secret Pickle dinners and events about town, when I had…

  • Rum Cake

    Cake Day 2013

    1 kitchen. 2 ovens. 12+ hours. 13 friends. 18lbs of pork. 19 cakes. This is #cakeDay2013.

  • The Stop: Night 1

    The Stop Night Market: Night 1

    So many good eats during the first evening of The Stop’s Night Market. Here are the visual highlights! Huge photopost warning.

  • Beaujolais Wine

    A Better Beaujolais

    It was May. The skies above were a a light blue, clear and bright. A soft breeze blew, cooling the warmth of only for you buy cialis from canada the sun on my skin as I sat down under the shade of a tree. Normally…

    Calçots confit with frozen romesco and smoked coal.


    Under a smoke-filled cloche, one of our first nibbles landed on the table. Lifting the glass dome with a flourish, our waiter presented the dish: calçots confit.…

    Tea Times

    As a very young child, I remember being in a room at the Prince Hotel with the soft clink of silverware on china chiming in the…