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Solo Dining In Toronto

Prompted by a question on Chowhound, I put together a rough version of this list as a reply. While I can’t say I dine alone often, these are certainly restaurants where I have, or would, pull out a magazine or… Continue Reading →

Hot Soup 'n' Noodle Comforts at Manpuku

With its frigid fingers curled around the city, Winter has arrived (returned?) in an icy exhalation. The sidewalks are dusted with a glittering veil that is quickly obliterated by pedestrians treading upon it. There’s no casual idling outside today. Everyone… Continue Reading →

New Manpuku Nibbles

So in the last month or so, Manpuku introduced some new items to the menu. While we haven’t quite gotten through them all, one tasty and notable snack was Inari Sushi, a fat tofu pouch of vinegared rice, lightly sweet… Continue Reading →

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