It’s a warm Sunday afternoon – one of the few we’ve had this summer. Sunlight is streaking through the windows and bounces off the white walls of a simply decorated room. Chairs are filled with relaxed bodies and animated faces. The hum of convivial conversation, punctuated by bursts of laughter, muffle the music of mealtime. 

Brunch is firmly entrenched on the Toronto weekend to-do list. And it is usually quite the production of lining up and then churning out for the next turn. But if you have some hours on a Sunday, make the time to leisurely lunch at Edulis. There’s exactly one seating, so call in for your reservation (this may take a few attempts). $40 for four appetizers, a main, and a dessert – it’s ridiculously good value. And with bottles at half-price – how can you say no?

What you’ll get are simply prepared yet excellently executed dishes that, for me, evoke memories of Spain. Beautiful ingredients that are allowed to shine. That’s it. Such a lovely way to while away an afternoon with friends – or a smartly dressed and gorgeously coiffed ruggedly handsome date who is both intelligent and funny*. And while I’ve had many a dinner at Edulis, lunch here has been one of my best meals in recent memory – in all of Toronto.

* close enough!