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Nibbles ‘n’ Notes Around Town [March 14, 2013]

Happy Pi(e) Day! It’s March 14, and I celebrated it early this past Sunday with food-fanatic friends. 14 of us. 23 pies. 7 of those savoury. Then we had a session where we compared pie dough. Mostly as an excuse… Continue Reading →

Chinese Restaurant Awards: Toronto

For the last few months I’ve been a part of a small team involved in short-listing some of Toronto’s best Chinese dishes. Yesterday, that list was released from the Chinese Restaurant Awards. Mains, specialty items, stalls, restaurants, sweets, and savouries –… Continue Reading →

A Glorious Hunter's Feast

Beasts of all kinds – elk, beef, rabbit, horse, buffalo, moose, goose, bison, venison – cross our plates for this evening of festive feasting.

Celebrating Australia Day Again

Last Australia Day, I celebrated by having a really fun and playful meal presented in part by John Placko and Luke Hayes-Alexander. It was a great dinner, full of laughter and great food. This year, in conjunction with Tourism Australia and… Continue Reading →

Ramen Round-Up: The Top Four & Beyond

When I began profiling all the ramen places, I had a mental list of places that I was going to include. In the process of churning over the nuances of noodles, I realized that I wanted to stick to the… Continue Reading →

Raijin Ramen

Raijin Ramen was the last of the full-on ramen shops to open these last few months. And it opened relatively quietly. So quietly, in fact, that I never have had to wait for a table, even after 6pm. This is… Continue Reading →

Santouka Ramen

Santouka opened with a lot of anticipation, and even a few days in to their soft opening, the lines were stretching out the door. To this day, waits are around 30 minutes or more. Despite the cold weather, many still… Continue Reading →

Toronto: Primed for Ramen

Most know ramen as the dirt-cheap instant packets of starch and salt (usually consumed straight out of the pot it was made in) from our days at school. But making fresh ramen is a finely-honed craft in Japan, where recipes… Continue Reading →

Kinton Ramen

Ramen shops have been around in Toronto for a while, but it was only when Kinton opened back in May 2012 did I feel that the game was truly on.

Gifts: Mini Maldon Salt

For the final last-minute gift: mini Maldon Salts. These are cute little stocking-stuffers; think of them as snuff boxes for the gastro crowd (figurative inhalation only, please). Lovely to take on picnics (umn, when the ground’s less cold) or to… Continue Reading →

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