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Molasses Spice Cookies

I love molasses spice cookies. That chewy texture and deep molasses taste is so good, especially with a cup of coffee. Several years ago, I undertook a quest to find the right recipe that matched the molasses spice cookies that Starbucks had. I’m not sure I found the recipe, but after several taste-tests from my fellow SB addicts, we found one we liked and then of course, I tweaked it to my tastes.

Saving Summer In A Jar

People have been canning and preserving for years without making a big deal of it – but canning seems to be seeing a resurgence of late, from shops to restaurants to homes. It’s everywhere.

On-Demand Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Good enough to keep the dough on-hand in the freezer for freshly-baked cookies any time I need them: for a party, as a gift …or whenever a craving hits!

Pancakes à la Hervé

It was pancake Tuesday this past week, but since I’m not Catholic, this has less bearing on my life. Except for that pancake part. I’m always down with eating pancakes. So, some time ago, I sat for a talk that… Continue Reading →

The Basic Cheesecake

Never having made a cheesecake before (usually my sister’s domain), I settled on Cooking For Engingeer‘s New York style cheesecake to test-drive and tweak. Now, they call for a ridiculous amount of cream cheese and eggs to make a 10″… Continue Reading →

Kueh Bangkit (Coconut & Tapioca Flour Cookies)

As a child, I remember eating these pale and oddly-shaped cookies. Fragrant with pandan and coconut, these dry and crumbly treats end up melting on your tongue. It’s weird and delicious all at the same time. Goes well with a… Continue Reading →

Hainanese Chicken

So, I had spoken of Hainanese Chicken in my last post on making soup. Why? Because for the best version of this dish, you don’t poach your chicken in water, you poach it in soup. However, water does work in… Continue Reading →

My Mother's Chicken Soup

My favourite soup happens to be chicken. But the chicken soup I grew up with had little to do with making a mirepoix and is closer to broth – with the addition of ginger, salt, and sometimes, pork. Having chicken… Continue Reading →

The Annual Matcha Shortbread Production

Despite the fact that Christmas is over, production of green tea shortbread in my kitchen goes well beyond the 25th. I guess you’d call it my signature holiday cookie as the one year I decided to switch things up and… Continue Reading →

Chicken Potato Salad with Homemade Mayo

Peering into the fridge to ponder dinner last night yielded the makings for chicken salad. I was, however, without mayo. But I recalled the recipe on Cooking for Engineers, checked for ingredients, and decided to give it a go. I… Continue Reading →

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