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Chocolate Oatmeal Pecranberry Cookies

Many years ago I was looking for a good oatmeal cookie recipe – something chewy and tasty and easy. And I managed to find┬ámy base recipe from allrecipes.com. But I didn’t want a plain oatmeal cookie (and I can’t leave… Continue Reading →

On-Demand Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Good enough to keep the dough on-hand in the freezer for freshly-baked cookies any time I need them: for a party, as a gift …or whenever a craving hits!

The Ritual Of Eating Stroopwafels

Gouda – you likely recognize the name because of the cheese, but the delicious stroopwafel also hails from this Dutch city. Made from thin waffle discs sandwiching a layer of gooey caramel-like syrup, it’s got a lovely chew and hints… Continue Reading →

Kueh Bangkit (Coconut & Tapioca Flour Cookies)

As a child, I remember eating these pale and oddly-shaped cookies. Fragrant with pandan and coconut, these dry and crumbly treats end up melting on your tongue. It’s weird and delicious all at the same time. Goes well with a… Continue Reading →

The Annual Matcha Shortbread Production

Despite the fact that Christmas is over, production of green tea shortbread in my kitchen goes well beyond the 25th. I guess you’d call it my signature holiday cookie as the one year I decided to switch things up and… Continue Reading →

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