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Back at the Cottage

Since posting about Ceili Cottage back in July, I’ve returned several times. There’s something about the atmosphere of the Cottage that lures me back – moreso than the food. It’s a great space and Patrick and his wife Alison are… Continue Reading →

The Full Irish arrives at Ceili Cottage

I had another post about Ceili Cottage lined up, but I’m preempting it with this one. Why? Because though we were told “next week” when we asked about the Full Irish (banger, rasher, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato, potato… Continue Reading →

The Ceili Cottage

Ceili Cottage (pronnounced kay-lee) is the newest venture (opened last week) by Starfish owner Patrick McMurray. While this had been on the radar, it wasn’t until the website had coughed up a menu that a dinner visit was decided upon…. Continue Reading →

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