Get your Full Irish now!

Get your Full Irish now!

I had another post about Ceili Cottage lined up, but I’m preempting it with this one. Why? Because though we were told “next week” when we asked about the Full Irish (banger, rasher, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato, potato farl, fried egg) during our last visit, we didn’t really believe it.

But apparently, I was wrong to doubt. Ever since we spied this on the menu during our first visit, we were eager to have a taste of this hearty meal. Finally making its debut five months after opening, we sat in anticipation, hoping it was worth the wait.

Updated notes on Ceili Cottage (2010.01.15)

Let me start off with the not-so-good. While most people won’t eat blood sausage anyway, we were sad to see (and taste) that it was over-cooked and mealy. We’d had a really delicious example of it recently at Earth, so this was in stark contrast. Hope that they can fix that since the rest – well, the rest is really good.

Of everything on the plate, the banger was best executed – juicy, lightly spiced, and a strong pork flavour. Really quite excellent. The rashers and mushrooms were decent and tasty, with bonus taste-points going to the roasted tomato – it had a really nice savoury/umami hit. I found the pancake-like potato farl a good item to help wipe my plate clean. But my personal favourite were the beans. They reminded me of when I was a kid and the breakfasts my dad used to make for me. Not that we’re Irish. The beans were tasty enough that I stole strays from a neighbouring plate. I loved each bite – especially when I could mix in some of the runny yolk from the fried egg.

The Full Irish is Tasty and comforting, the way a breakfast like this should be.

More Ceili Cottage photos

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