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Japanese and Peruvian is a mix that’s relatively unexplored. Not only are they separated by language and geography, but the bright acidic flavours of Peru are seemingly in conflict with the more subtle notes of Japanese cooking. How to achieve… Continue Reading →

Ramen Round-Up: The Top Four & Beyond

When I began profiling all the ramen places, I had a mental list of places that I was going to include. In the process of churning over the nuances of noodles, I realized that I wanted to stick to the… Continue Reading →

Raijin Ramen

Raijin Ramen was the last of the full-on ramen shops to open these last few months. And it opened relatively quietly. So quietly, in fact, that I never have had to wait for a table, even after 6pm. This is… Continue Reading →

Santouka Ramen

Santouka opened with a lot of anticipation, and even a few days in to their soft opening, the lines were stretching out the door. To this day, waits are around 30 minutes or more. Despite the cold weather, many still… Continue Reading →

Toronto: Primed for Ramen

Most know ramen as the dirt-cheap instant packets of starch and salt (usually consumed straight out of the pot it was made in) from our days at school. But making fresh ramen is a finely-honed craft in Japan, where recipes… Continue Reading →

Sansotei's Delicious Broth

Sansotei is one of many ramen shops blooming in Toronto these days. But you should visit (get here early – there are occasional reports of being sold out by 7:30p) and sample their broth. It’s amazingly good – thick, not greasy,… Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: Oyster Nigiri From Yuzu

I eat at Yuzu a lot. So much so that I have earned my chopsticks there and their mobile site is my handiwork. But a friend and I agreed: fresh fish, great service, and a comfortable space. Certainly, this isn’t the cheapest sushi in town, but both of us felt that it was definitely good value.

Fin Izakaya

It’s only very recently that I’ve checked Fin Izakaya out and to be honest, though it had solid food with a couple high notes, I wasn’t wowed on my first visit. But by the end of a second, most excellent,… Continue Reading →

Izakaya Notes

Did a late weeknight visit to Guu Izakaya with friends not too long ago. Just so you know: it’s still busy, even at 10:30 pm on a Monday night. I also discovered that the Cheese Bim Bim Bap isn’t as… Continue Reading →

Omakase At Yuzu

Though it’s been a while since I last went, I’ve always enjoyed my meals at Japango, the tiny sushi joint on Elizabeth street. So I’m not sure why it’s taken so long to visit Yuzu (opened back in 2008!) by… Continue Reading →

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