Oyster nigiri with shiso leaf. Topped with yuzu jelly, uni, and tobiko.

Was talking with a friend today about¬†Yuzu (236 Adelaide Street West, Toronto). I eat there a lot. So much so that I have earned a dedicated pair of chopsticks there and their mobile site is my¬†handiwork. But we agreed: fresh fish, great service, and a comfortable space. Certainly, this isn’t the cheapest sushi in town, but both of us felt that it was definitely good value. Note: this is not a place for sushi purists.

Above, the distinct and fresh flavours of oyster and uni played well off each other in a creamy/briny mix. Balancing this out was a citrusy slice of yuzu jelly and the green/fresh taste of shiso. The small touch of tobiko gave it some extra salt and a bit of crunch. Quite lovely.

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