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Mot Na Son's Chip-cut Noodle Soup

I love Mot Na Son and since Chris Nuttall-Smith already got the other points covered (you’re welcome Chris!), I thought I’d just wax on about my favourite dish from this small restaurant: number nineteen – the traditional Korean chip-shaped kneaded… Continue Reading →

Time For Some Cold Noodle!

Waiting to cross the street in the early evening yesterday, it dawned on me that the sun’s rays beating down on me were really hot. It’s spring, and the weather is always capricious at this time of year – cool… Continue Reading →

Research and Development

Went to Golden Turtle (125 Ossington Avenue) tonight for Vietnamese — I was actually quite impressed.  I like my pho but hadn’t really been eating it often for the past few years.

The Conflicting Comfort of Walnut Cakes

A cup of hot tea and warm cakey nuggets yielding sweetened fillings of red bean or potato evoke a sense of bliss. Until you realize you’ve finished the entire box.

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