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Mot Na Son's Chip-cut Noodle Soup

I love Mot Na Son and since Chris Nuttall-Smith already got the other points covered (you’re welcome Chris!), I thought I’d just wax on about my favourite dish from this small restaurant: number nineteen – the traditional Korean chip-shaped kneaded pasta soup; or, sujebi. The soup base is vegetable-heavy, with a clean taste and chunks of zucchini, sheets of seaweed, and tons of fat conch-like noodles. These noodles have a great chew to them and are the star of the show. They’re roughly shaped and simply delicious. With the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time for this hearty bowl.

Though I order sujebi every time I go, other dishes that land on my table regularly are corn noodle, snails, and the pork bbq (pro-tip: wear clothes you don’t care about). Having a leisurely meal and drinks with friends is a great – and tasty – evening. Chris (one of the owners) is a great host and is happy to steer you right and tolerates my terrible attempts at ordering in Korean. He’s also just a really nice guy and I’m always happy to sit down at his table.

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  1. Ken Sinn

    I’ve never had anyone suggest/recommend the intimidating all-Korean-signage restaurants, mostly because I’ve not come by many recommendations. Pork Belly BBQ? sounds like a win! Also, the noodles. mm. love noodles! Thanks!


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