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Shopping & Treats At Crafternoon Tea

So this past weekend, I baked some of my chocolate chip cookies for Crafternoon Tea, a fund raiser tea and craft market combo. Run by fashion maven Nathalie-Roze, this was a good chance to have tea and find some locally crafted goods for holiday gifts. Though I was never sure if I was buying things for someone else or myself! Warning: many photos of tasty food and beautiful crafts (mostly crafts).

Downtown Core Markets

Though we’re mid-way through summer, I thought I’d do a quick round-up of markets in the downtown Toronto core. There are several in a (roughly) 1km radius of City Hall, which makes it easy to pick up fresh local fruits and produce before work, during the lunch hour, or on a weekend. I’ve enjoyed ridiculously fragrant peaches, sweet cherries, and intensely flavoured wild blueberries during my numerous excursions to the various surrounding markets. I’ve also gotten duds too, so when you go, look out for those offering samples – and use your nose.

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