So this past weekend, I baked some of my chocolate chip cookies for Crafternoon Tea, a fund raiser tea and craft market combo. Run by fashion maven Nathalie-Roze, this was a good chance to have some treats, drink tea, and find locally-crafted goods for gifts, all in the same room. Though.. I was never sure if I was buying things for someone else or myself! Warning: many photos of food and crafts (mostly crafts) ahead.

This 7th edition of Crafternoon Tea took place at the Queen Street East Presbyterian Church in Leslieville. The general flow was that you’d arrive, put your name down for tea, and then stroll around the room to peruse the crafty goods until you were seated. Shopping and snacks – how can you go wrong?

N-R and her crew set up the tea and caddies in the kitchen at the back while shoppers relaxed and nibbled on delicious treats.

In the kitchen piles of delicious baked goods and savoury bites awaited their fate...

I should have known better, but I had just finished an americano and eccles cake, so I decided to pass on tea. Shocking, I know, but it was just too soon. So, I forced myself to move on to the shopping part of the deal.

Food and crafts unite at the Happy Seamstress table. She had these super-cute knit-your-own sushi and cupcakes sets. There were other things at the table, but I had eyes only for these. I left them alone because I know what my knitting skills are like. Which is to say, they are non-existant.

Amy’s Place had a really nice display of soy candles and bath salts. Loved the painted mason jar and tea cup candles.

Cha Cha Lifestyle had leather goods and such. I carefully avoided picking up the purses. I know how dangerous that can be for my wallet and my will-power is terribly low when it comes to handbags.

G-uknit has these really awesome acorn necklaces. So pretty. There were also other goods like these felt mix-tape pins. And I love both her company name and twitter handle!

Interesting up-cycled(?) scarves from Sally Girl.

I thought the name Needles To Say was funny. Can’t find a website though!

I liked the look of this jewellery case used by That Missing Piece. Buttons beckon from within.

Lots of lovely trinkets from White Lotus. Snagged a gift for a friend – or for myself – not sure yet!

Things by Slo had some upcycled mittens (I pondered the red ones – comfy) and cute sea critters.

Cute set up from Needle Book. Especially the mini cabinet with the tiny baskets on display. She also had some mini books for a doll’s bookcase. All this made me think of my friend Chun who collects and makes clothing for the popular japanese Blythe and Dolfie dolls.

The headbands and fascinators from Harriet Gray are really pretty. Bought a headband for… me. I think. Another “I haven’t decided to give it up yet” item.

Thought these were really neat buttons from Knotted Nest. Not quite the same, but I was reminded of the Spacing buttons for the TTC stops. Ontarian pride!

Loved the whimsical Grinch trees from Little M Inventions. Actually, all her stuff was really neat. And cute. And soft.

On the way out (or in), you’re greeted by a friendly face and a table of cookies by Andrea (that’s not Andrea). Should have snagged some cookies to sample but was still too full to think that through. I could have eaten them later! Ah well.

While you don’t normally see anything other than food on this blog, there were so many nice things to see and buy – and so enticingly displayed – that I couldn’t help but shoot them. I also didn’t manage to shoot all the tables – there were quite a few! You’ll have to wait for Crafternoon Tea 8 sometime next year to get that whole tea + shopping combo down, but there’s still a few more markets to get that whole local + gifts thing done before December’s finished. Thanks to Nathalie Roze for organizing and the volunteers for keeping things running! I look forward to next year.