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Kimchi Fries at Bahn Mi Boys

Kimchi fries at Banh Mi Boys have become a bit of a habit. At first mention you may protest at the combination, but smoky pulled pork combined with the distinctive vinegary tang of mild kimchi will win you over. Topped… Continue Reading →

New Manpuku Nibbles

So in the last month or so, Manpuku introduced some new items to the menu. While we haven’t quite gotten through them all, one tasty and notable snack was Inari Sushi, a fat tofu pouch of vinegared rice, lightly sweet… Continue Reading →

The Conflicting Comfort of Walnut Cakes

A cup of hot tea and warm cakey nuggets yielding sweetened fillings of red bean or potato evoke a sense of bliss. Until you realize you’ve finished the entire box.

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