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Quick Tidbit — Very Impressed

Golden Turtles pho dac biet

Golden Turtle's pho dac biet

Went to Golden Turtle for dinner, maybe only the 3rd or 4th time ever. Server brought out a dish of hot peppers with to go with my pho before I had even mentioned them — guess she remembered me and that I always ask for some. Very cool. Big tip.

2 Responses to “Quick Tidbit — Very Impressed”

  1. Dave

    Note that while y Vietnamese friend says that Golden Turtle is indeed good, she praises the place south of the turtle on the same side of the street. I can’t recall the name but I think there’s only one shop. Worth trying out next time! I sure plan to!

    Golden Turtle really is great though. :D

  2. Endy

    thanks for the rec! Actually, I’d heard a rumour that the second pho spot is a spinoff from the first after some kind of (familial?) falling-out. I’ll definitely try it out though.

    I also got a rec recently for Pho Linh at Dufferin and College that I need to check out…


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