Some interesting food (and one non-food) deals today:

  • $8 for $16 worth of credit at Wanda’s Pie In The Sky on (I get a referral if you click the link and sign up – let me eat pie!) Except that it has some dorky limitations. Caveat emptor. There’s also 60% off a crèpe + salad at Crèpe It Up locations (see the right side-bar on the site for past wag jags). I liked their original one in the St. Lawrence Market, but that was a few years back now. Both end in a few days.
  • Not food, but some nice floor seats for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for Stravinsky’s Petrouchka on
  • Groupon has a $29 meal-to-your-door today from The Fresh Diet, allowing you to be both lazy and healthy. At least in your diet. For a day. Missed out on the Nella classes at 50% off last week. (My referral link if you’d like to use it – I get $10 in credit)

Okay, that’s it for the quickie post.