In good weather at King and Bay, you can find Bridgette Pinder serving up delicious roti from her Carib Fusion cart, a survivor of the ill-fated Toronto A La Cart program. I’ve managed to get though the entire menu listed on the side of the cart – but there are some specials I’ve yet to try. 

Their primary offering – jerk chicken – is colourful, sweet, and spicy. While you can get this on a pita, don’t. The roti wrap consists of thin, just-chewy, layers and is delicious. With sweetness coming from the mango salad stuffed alongside the jerk chicken, fire comes from the option of hot sauce. I had ordered this last year and asked for it HOT. Now, my tolerance for spice is pretty high, but this was mouth-melting. Subsequent orders haven’t matched that level of nuclear heat since, and I’m torn. I sort of want to see if I could manage that tasty burn again.

Other items are the chicken roti (I prefer the beef curry one), beef patties (flaky exterior, light on the filling), and grilled pineapple dusted with cinnamon for a sweet finish. All this is well and good, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s actually what’s not listed that keeps me coming back.

You see, it’s their shrimp and pumpkin roti: a hot and curried mixture studded with chunks of snappy shrimp, creamy pumpkin, and just a hint of sweetness. Every time I unwrap this roti, a delicious and savoury smell wafts up and whets my appetite – right before I tear into the fat pocket of goodness. Really tasty and filling.

Another off-menu item is the rice and oxtail curry on Fridays – so I hear. I haven’t quite managed to get there on the right day for this, but I’ll keep trying and consoling myself with the shrimp and pumpkin instead. Find Bridgette Monday to Friday when rain isn’t on the horizon.

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