Photo by Bonita Mok (@boneats).

ME!! At the Niagara Food Truck Eats. Photo by Bonita Mok (@boneats).

I took the opportunity to do a podcast (my first!) with Seth Resler of about Toronto + food (the first half of the episode), and then I go on in detail about Chantecler. But I do also mention Suresh and his work on food trucks, Grant Van Gameren and his contribution to the Toronto food scene, as well as touching on some of my other favourites. Check it out:

Some things to address: sorry I didn’t get to go on about Kensington – it was on my list of food areas to hit, but we never got there. I should have stopped him, but oh well. It’s a key area to go to – great little shops and stalls to wander and snack from. Probably a better spot to check out as a foodie tourist vs Ossington. I also had St. Lawrence Market on the brain, but I wouldn’t call that so much an area.