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Chocolate Oatmeal Pecranberry Cookies

Many years ago I was looking for a good oatmeal cookie recipe – something chewy and tasty and easy. And I managed to find my base recipe from allrecipes.com. But I didn’t want a plain oatmeal cookie (and I can’t leave… Continue Reading →

Tempering Chocolate With Mr. Stubbe

I get a hands-on demo on how to temper chocolate from Daniel Stubbe, a sixth generation chocolatier at this shop, Stubbe Chocolates, in Toronto.

Salted Caramel Truffles From Nota Bene

I love that Nota Bene has these salted caramel truffles as an after-dinner option. It’s got a liquid caramel centre that explodes on your tongue when you bite into it (pro-tip: pop the whole thing in your mouth and let… Continue Reading →

(Chocolate) Love, From Paris

There seems to be an influx of imported goodies for me in the last little while – I’m not complaining! – and this week I have goodies from Paris: Bernachon Chocolate. Having heard much about them, I was excited to… Continue Reading →

Montréal, Day 1

We arrived in Montréal and, after some attempts to wrestle the in-room Internet into submission, headed out.  Today was actually a beautiful day here, with none of the advertised rain.  Instead, we walked by scores of restaurant-goers sitting on patios and… Continue Reading →

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