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New Year's Day Eats 2012

We know that pretty much everyone is open New Year’s Eve, but what about New Year’s Day? Outside of hotel restaurants and Chinatown, here’s a list I compiled of decent brunch and dinner eats for January 1, 2012.

BYOW + Corkage in Toronto

I’ve been busy these last two weeks.¬†There was a lot of chatter on Chowhound about corkage fees and not having a good, updated, listing. So people would post about what they knew and well, it horrified me. No sorting? No… Continue Reading →

Nibbles 'n' Notes Around Town

Toronto has been blanketed by snow for the last while and somehow all that fresh white powder made me want to take long walks around the city. Here’s what I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks on my meanderings.

Nibbles 'n' Notes Around Town

The weather is already cooling off as we near the end of August, and many of the small in-city farmers’ markets are coming to a close. It’s a great time to get out and take a walk around. Also, walking its a great opportunity to check out all the new restaurants opening, as well as sampling what they might have to offer. Here are some eating notes I’ve collected in the last little while during my travels around the city.

A Farewell to Toronto's Fine Dining

Fine dining to me is that ultimate experience where a meal shines from start to finish. Dishes that are “merely” good are few amongst the sublime and revelatory. Service, attentive without being obtrusive, becomes a ballet and sees dishes that… Continue Reading →

Will Code For Food

Maybe it’s just me, but since I both eat a lot and am constantly connected online, I can’t fathom why some restaurants don’t have websites. Really, it’s not hard to run into some wank who can set up a WordPress… Continue Reading →

Much Ado About Reviews

If it wasn’t for restaurant reviews, I might never have become a food enthusiast. I started reading Toronto Life as a university student.¬† Sunday nights I’d load up on magazines before getting on the Greyhound to head back up to… Continue Reading →

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