Toronto has been blanketed by snow for the last while and somehow all that fresh white powder made me want to take long walks around the city. Here’s what I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks on my meanderings.

Great Burger Kitchen (9 1/2 Church Street, south of Front) has opened its newest location, sharing the space with Hank’s – so, lots of seating. A nice change from the counters at Gerrard. Frustratingly, the Gerrard location doesn’t know anything about the Church location (neither phone number nor hours), but I managed to find a number anyway. They’re open pretty late – shares the same hours as their Gerrard location (apparently not much else!), as far as I can tell.

Walking West, I noticed that Blowfish On Bay (333 Bay Street, at Temperance) had put in their application. Lodged within the Bay-Adelaide Centre, I can imagine this doing well with all the suits around.

Finally made a stop into Paramount Fine Foods (253 Yonge Street, south of Dundas) and it made me happy to see the giant trays of sweets displayed in the back. Bought some of their pastries and liked the swar-like one a lot – not as good at Patisserie Royale, but also not as far. The meat skewers looked interesting and I’ve mentally filed that away for next time. Also surprising to see so much seating in there – there’s an entire second floor!

The Gabardine (372 Bay Street, at Richmond) is now open with Rob Bowers (Citizen, Rosebud) back in the kitchen. Will have to make another stroll over to check it out. Taste T.O. has already posted their notes on the space. Looks nice!

I blinked and then there was this new place where the empty Montana’s used to be – The Ballroom (145 John Street at Richmond) has taken up residence. Swank-looking bowling alleys aren’t a bad idea given the plethora of condos that have gone (and are still going) up in the area. More information in Toronto Life if you’re interested. I would have preferred a giant karaoke lounge, but I know that’s just me.

I loved the logo from Thor Espresso Bar (35 Bathurst Street) and I’m a mythology nerd to boot, so I had to make a visit. Loved the mural in the shop, as well as the general decor and style of the space. They serve their own custom roast from Social and pastries from J.P. Challet’s Ici Bistro. Not too many seats, but lots of light. There’s a corner of books and items for sale as well.

Alimento (522 King Street West) is on the corner of Brant and King has been opening soon forever. I’d like it to open so I can check it out, but alas, 6 months later and it’s still not soon enough.

Just thought I’d add this in, though I don’t know anything about it. L-Eat Express (410 Adelaide Street) will be opening up sometime. Looks like they might have a patio too. I wondered if their name was a play on “elite,” otherwise, what an awkward name. Apparently, Mosaic Restaurant & Catering has been here for a while and they’re just renovating and rebranding. Looking up L-Eat on google seems to show some connection to Paese Restaurant. Not sure where the two meet.

Not really new, but this quartet of restaurants on King amused me while I was walking by. Chicken (WOW Rotisserie, 567 King Street West), sandwiches (Reggie’s, 571 King Street West), burgers (Craft Burger, 573 King Street West), and fish ‘n’ chips (The One That Got Away, 581 King Street West) – all done up in a similar aesthetic. For those of you who don’t know what to eat, this will cover a spectrum of desires in 400m.

I thought I was being all sneaky by taking a photo through a tear in the papers while walking by Lee Lounge (603 King Street West). That night, I walked out of Buca (across the street) to find the papers down and the room empty, but all lit-up and waiting. Ah well. Should be opening any time now, as there’s a Visa dinner being held there on the 25th.

Laksa is no more and instead we have a random Thai place, Golden Pineapple (254 Spadina Avenue). My mother would probably be very happy to hear that. She was highly disappointed by their titular dish. I’m not sure this place is any better, mind.

On the West-most part of my trek, I spied a light and airy cupcake shop on Queen West – Dlish Cupcakes (833 Queen Street West). If you’re in the area, they post about free cupcakes a lot via Twitter. A decent cupcake, though don’t wing across the city for them. I did appreciate that they use the proper cupcake inserts. I really hate it when I buy cupcakes and they slosh around a box and get ruined.

And that’s about it for me. Lots of walking done… rewarded with a yummy sandwich at Porchetta & Co. Both times.

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