Salted caramel tart from Nadege

The weather is already cooling off as we near the end of August, and many of the small in-city farmers’ markets are coming to a close. It’s a great time to get out and take a walk around. Also, walking its a great opportunity to check out all the new restaurants opening, as well as sampling what they might have to offer. Here are some eating notes I’ve collected in the last little while during my travels around the city.

Terroni’s new place, La Bettola (106 Victoria Street, Toronto) is open. Don’t know when that happened, but hey, it looks nice.

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We took advantage of the fact that Bruce Bu was behind the bar at Yuzu (236 Adelaide Street West, Toronto) some weeks back and did a mini-omakase. He even pulled out the fresh wasabi to share, which was nice. There were some good dishes that night – I especially enjoyed the takowasabi we had at the start.

Finally got to Nadège (780 Queen Street West, Toronto). Macarons were good, but what I really enjoyed was the salted caramel tart.

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There’s a knife shop on Queen West that opened up not too long ago called… Knife (658 Queen Street West, Toronto). They have all sorts of blade-related goodies and will sharpen your knife for you. Or your sword, if I didn’t mis-identify the elongated case/bag another patron brought in as I was leaving.

Delight (805 Queen Street West, Toronto) is both an ice-cream and chocolate shop. All organic and using fresh in-season ingredients. Their most interesting flavour is the blue cheese. My favourite though, is the mint-chocolate chunk. Fresh minty flavour and soft chunks of chocolate. Good stuff.

More Queen West wanderings brought me into Commute Home (819 Queen Street West, Toronto) and I found this awesome butcher’s diagram in the back. It’s huge.

Had a lovely meal at The Black Hoof on Monday. Maybe we were in the mood for eats, but everything seemed spot-on and extra-tasty. Had an onion dish that reminded me of the calçots I had at Mercat A La Planxa in Chicago. More than we needed for two people, but I love onions, so I wasn’t too sad. Drank extra-spicy Pippi Longstocking cocktails – yum. And you know what? I didn’t shoot a single photo (gasp)! They’re closed for vacation for two weeks. Hoof Café is closed for another week still.