Burgers from: The Counter, Grindhouse, The Roy, Great Burger KitchenBurgers are a hot-topic no matter where I look. However, I tend to gloss over the plethora of places that offer this sandwich because the burger isn’t usually my meal of choice. Apparently though, it’s burger-time for me, with four notable ones in the last little while. If you’re a true burger-lover, turn thine eyes away! I did not do an exhaustive search. I did not compare like-burgers. I just thought that these were remarkably tasty.

1. Deep South

The Counter 550 Wellington Street West

A thick patty with pulled-pork and crispy onions on top, I think this is what officially kicked my burger-sense in high-gear. I love the crunchy texture that the onions gave and the saucy kick of the pulled-pork. The patty had a strong enough beefy taste to stand up to all the extra bits added in. Despite reported service and kitchen issues (I did not experience this myself), I still think about returning and eating this burger. It helps that The Counter is open 24-7. note: Went last night (2010.08.15). Not as good as the first time – patty was drier than I liked, even asking for it MR – which they said they couldn’t do. Still a decent burger, but it’s not that good anymore either.

2. Signature Beef Burger

Grindhouse Burger Bar 365 King Street West

While these burgers aren’t huge, they’re particularly well-crafted. Patty, bun, condiments, and sides – everything is made in-house. And you can see how well everything goes together when you pull back the brown paper. This classic construction of the burger is pretty satisfying and I like that the bun takes a back-seat to everything. If you like a bigger burger, try their 8oz patty. And definitely ask for it medium-rare.

3. The Ultimate Roy

The Roy 894 Queen Street East

This burger is topped with cheddar, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and BBQ sauce. I don’t know if it was because I had burgers on the brain by the time I sat down for lunch here, but this was a really tasty combo. Another fat beef patty sandwiched between some cheesy buns. I was also amused by the way the pickles made my burger look like an alien.

4. Voodoo Burger

Great Burger Kitchen 1056 Gerrard Street East

Great Burger KitchenTomato salsa, spicy mayo, guacamole, balsamic onion, and lettuce. Total sacrilege to burger purists. Really good to this burger pleb. Better than their standard burger (pictured here – I had the Voodoo burger during a subsequent visit and mowed-down on it before I thought to shoot it). Messy, but I can forgive that.

Now, these burgers are good, but not the go-out-of-your-way kind of good (they’re still just burgers!). So, in the interest of finding something local, where do you go for your burger-fix? Comment with a name and address and I’ll pop it on the map below (though I’m avoiding major chains). I’ve added a few places already that I know of (but not necessarily eaten at) to get things started.

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