Hi Chew Golden Apple and Lychee

Hi Chew Mango and Lychee

While there are many types of candy available, the most interesting ones seem to originate from Japan. In all colours, shapes and formats, I’ve been slowly making my way through the sugar stash at Sanko, J-town, and T&T. Focusing primarily on the soft and chewy varieties, my research has netted me three favourites.

Off the top of the pile is Hi-Chew. For those of you who have never heard or experienced this, the closest US equivalent I can think of is Starburst – but with a softer, more gum-like chew and so many more flavours. The Hi-Chew Lychee and Golden Apple flavours are quite compelling, as well as giving one a longer and drawn out experience that is characteristic of the Hi-Chew brand (read: it’s really chewy and soft). Both lychee and apple flavours are really bright and make your mouth water.

And that leaves my absolute favourite candy for last – Puccho Cola. With bits of gummi and effervescent candy embedded in a chewy caramel exterior, this is a multi-textured candy that both tastes and mimcs the effect of cola – but in its own unique candy form. Again, that less tooth-breaking chew inherent in many N. American candies on the shelves and more of that soft, but typical candy-chew. I like my sweets, but candies had never been my thing, growing up in Canada. Chocolate and cakes, yes, but the yen was never for a pack of skittles or a bag of taffy.

Thankfully, access to varied and more interesting candies are just a quick trip to your local ethnic grocer.

  • Sanko 730 Queen St W
  • T&T 222 Cherry St
  • J-Town 3160 Steeles Ave E, Unit 6-11

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