The No. 8 London Porter and No. 5 Asian Lager

I visited Duggan’s Brewery in December while it was still in soft-launch mode, but a quick check via a phone call places the official launch date on the 22nd of January. Though the decor is a little sparse, our group finds the food more than just-palatable, making this a place to earmark for those caught in the beer-vs-food dilemma.

Let me start off with my favourite of the night, the pork hock. Or, as one of our party called it, “The knuckle of God.”

“Monstrously huge” is the first thing that came to mind when it landed on the table. “Tasty” and “good” came after we got over its size and actually tried it. Really lovely pink meat falling off the bone. And sided with tasty beans! It also comes with cider kraut, which I didn’t love when eaten straight, but it made for a good balance to this rich dish along with the chunks of apple as a sweet hit. Theoretically for two (if you’re starving), but good as a shared starter… for 6. We all really enjoyed the pork hock and cleaned it to the bone.

Duck confit poutine was also really quite tasty with it’s crisp fries and piles o’ duck chunks. The gravy is not over-salted (my preference), which really showcases the duck flavour and allows for your last bite to be pucker-free.

And my last highlight of the night would be the Cornish hen & chips. Crispy skin and juicy pieces of fowl made this a really nice dish. Nicely salted and I didn’t need the gravy.

Also ordered but not mentioned were the fish and chips (not my preference) and the ribs (sauce was too sweet). All-in-all, it was a good night for eats and we were all pretty pleased. Oh, and the beer wasn’t bad either!

  • Duggan’s Brewery 75 Victoria St. Toronto
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