So I had this whole Winterlicious rant for today, but I apparently have more to say than I thought I originally did. Which means that I’m just going to do the update post I had in the works instead.

Restaurant names head to the original post I made about it.

Frank @ The AGO

Ate there last week with some friends. Still a great place to eat with decent brunch food. Also, the pastry basket I didn’t like last time has improved a lot. Maybe it depends on the day you go. Had the hash, chicken pot pie, and lamb shepherd’s pie. I liked the hash best, but everyone had their favourites. More Frank >

Hoof Café

Went back to eat the benny and hoof hash. Benny was good, but I really loved the hoof hash. A trend for me, maybe. Both had these perfectly cooked eggs. Just runny enough. Yum. Coffee still good. Had the soup, which was really intensely flavoured and two orders of marrow and toast, thanks to my niece. More Hoof Café >

Ceili Cottage

Had the Full Irish again. Not as good as the first time, but still good. I asked for an extra side of beans. Mmm… beans. Mushrooms on toast was a tasty and substantial snack. Re-ordered the mutton stew. The sticky toffee pudding is still awesome and the chocolate Bailey’s tart is really quite good as well. More Ceili >