Coals! Fire! Yakitori!After a week of eating a lot, there’s not much to blog about this week, but here are some tid-bits around the city and my kitchen:

  • Izakaya Ju will be opening in unit #3 up at J-Town at the end of the month apparently. Any good? Who knows. But you can get a taste of their yakitori, in chicken, chicken & liver, and chicken & leek, from their outdoor booth. Not sure if it’s everyday, but it was set up outside of the market over the weekend.
  • Tried to make kaya (coconut spread) but over-reduced it. Oops. But once I figure it out, you’ll see a recipe and a step-by-step. Now to figure out what to do with too-thick kaya… maybe thin it with more coconut milk?
  • Was thinking of posting about interesting food offers from the multitude of dailydeal sites that have all recently sprung up. Except none have food deals today. And they’re usually deals for places I’ve never been. Still pondering if any of you readers care about that so much on a site like this.
  • Ate at Reggie’s Old Fashioned Sandwiches. Thought it was okay. It’s open 24/7 though!
  • Made lamb shanks, bread pudding, and stacked potatoes for dinner last week. Nothing turned out quite as I had wanted. Will keep the lamb shank recipe, but modify to just normal stew. It was good as stew.
  • Weekly-round up newsletter … would you care?