I took advantage of the recent good weather and snapped some shots of these places around Leslieville on my eating radar.

Great Burger Kitchen

Opened up at the end of March 2010, touting locally sourced, free-range, and naturally-raised burgers. I’ve got a more detailed post in the works, but in short: the burgers are fine, but their poutine is the real draw. A good neighbourhood choice.

Grinder Coffeehouse

Grinder used to be the second Mercury Espresso location (in the Upper Beaches) before an amicable owner-split. Their second location, referred to as Grinder II, is kitty-corner to Gerrard Square. The papers haven’t come down from the windows yet, but this will be a welcome addition to the Jones ‘n’ Gerrard crossing. And Grinder peeps? Addresses on your website please.

What Are You Looking At Bar And Lounge

Taking up the space of the old Carlaw Carburetors, I’d been peering through the papers every now and then during my walk-bys. Somehow, this opened mid-March and I totally missed it. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to go and check out the vibe of this bar, but hours are posted in the events section of their site. Of course, there’s nothing else on it. Not even an address. What’s up with this no-address thing on websites!?


I’m hoping it’ll be a good place to stop by, grab a cuppa, and buy some loose leaf teas. Considering what’s next door, I suspect I’ll be here often if the goods are up to par! Where Bone House Come Como used to be.

Café Florentin

Right next door to Majesteas, this is like a match made in heaven for me. Tea! Pastry! And coffee-lovers can hie across the street to Mercury. But you know, Florentin had me at pâtisserie. In the former Salon Blu spot, this is their second location – the original is in the beaches. Hope their pastries are really good. It’d be nice to have a conveniently located bakery. Less nice for my waistline though!

Ruby Watchco

Lynn Crawford, of Restaurant Makeover fame and former executive chef at the now-closed Truffles at the Four Seasons, returns to Toronto. Recently opened in late March and serving one prix-fixe each night. Would like to stop by and try this out eventually. But please – put an address on your website!

The Map

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