I’m about 10 days away from CIBC’s Run For The Cure and I’ve done no fund-raising. So I am resorting to baked-goods and pictures of kittens in an attempt to get things going in a hurry.

Baked-goods did you say?!

Yes, for every donation coming from this website, I will send you a half-dozen cookies as a thank-you. Just make sure you put the word foodpr0n in the notes/message area and I’ll contact you for your address (make sure you include a valid email!) after you’ve donated. I’ve got shots of the cookies I’ll be making further down the post. Feel free to put in your vote for a particular kind, though we will need to reach critical mass on a given cookie for me to make it.

Ready to donate?

The donation button is located under the kitty on my donation page. Cookies await!

Peacranberry Cookies
Oatmeal cookies studded with cranberries, pecans, and dark chocolate chips. This is one of my favourite cookies to make and eat. It’s a fairly hefty cookie with a nice chew. These don’t have a long shelf-life – which has never been an issue!

Buttery sables perfect with tea. I might put some lavender or some herb in there. Maybe a mix of plain and herbed? Classic cookies that I turn into my Matcha Shortbread around Christmas.

Ginger Molasses cookies
Spiced, chewy, and delicious. Great fall cookies. I love the smell they make when I bake them. I also like rolling these guys in sugar to make them sparkle. It’s great with a cup of coffee as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Training For The Cure

If you have nike+, you can track (or challenge!) my “training” for this exhausting… uh… 5k run… on the nike+ site.

Well, that’s the end of my shill. Please do donate – it’d be much appreciated. Are you running? Let me know!