Daily deals are getting better – I actually want to buy them these days. Last week was a good deal for About Cheese and today we have Fin Izakaya (which I enjoy) and Callebaut (ditto).

Fin Izakaya (Toronto) I’ve already written about, so this was a no-brainer for me. Includes alcohol too! Here’s my referral link (we both get $5 credit): http://bit.ly/a04Vwb or go straight to teamsave.ca

Callebaut (Oakville) does some mighty fine chocolates. Based out in Calgary and separate (but related) to the European Callebaut chocolate brand. And the referral link (again, mutual $5 credit): http://www.stealthedeal.com/?ref=b374283 or straight to stealthedeal.com

Always, always, read the fine print! Sometimes it’s not worth it when you factor-in expiry dates and all that, so keep that in mind. And of course, these are daily deals so grab them by end-of-day today (Sept 29, 2010).