TIFF has come and gone, but O&B Canteen thankfully remains. Grabbed a quick breakfast one morning before an event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and was happy that I could get something quick, well-priced, and tasty – nearby! The Bacon Butty (right, $4) with Canadian bacon (not the cured kind, I guess) and maple mayo. Simple and chock-full of bacon. Could use a bit of green to balance things out. The Canteen Butty (left, $5) was the clear winner for me. With cheddar, smoked ham, Canteen catsup, and topped with a fried egg. I’d order the Canteen Butty again and ask for it without their signature catsup, as I don’t think it needs more dressing than that lovely runny yolk.

Of course, there are other breakfast options to be had, like croissants (pass) and tarts and the like. O&B Canteen also serves lunch and dinner, so I may make a visit at some point.

  • O&B Canteen 330 King St. West, TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto

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