Last year, I did some web-work with the kids and as a result, got one of their books as part of the exchange. Billy’s Best Bottles details well-priced wines and is organized for easy-reading. Meaning that if you’re a wine noob like me, this is a really friendly way to understand wines and get some suggestions. Certainly useful when confronted with the rows upon rows of bottles at the LCBO.

BBB has just re-launched for 2011, and we thought we’d do some cross-plugging. No hardship for me, since I actually like their book. Pair this up with a bottle of your choosing to give direction to clueless (or frugal) wine-lovers. Should fit in a wine bag just nice. Usually $20, you can to save a few bucks today (2010/11/15) and take advantage of their early bird special.

Win a copy of Billy’s Best Bottles 2011

I tried several contest plugins, but I didn’t like any of them. So, we’ll have to do it the ghetto way. To enter foodpr0n’s inaugural contest, all you have to do is sign up for the foodpr0n mailing list. This means that you’ll need to stay signed-up between now and until the time we pick a winner. This also means that you’ll get an email any time I post something new. Which is about once every 7-10 days, so it’s nothing crazy. I’ll send out a follow-up email about the contest with a link to unsubscribe to make it easy for everyone when we’re all done.

Contest closes November 30, 2010 (midnight EST). Good luck!