Walking along Queen Street West this Saturday morning in Toronto was a bit of a trick. With the MMVA‘s setting up in CityTV uh.. CTV er.. Bell Media‘s parking lot for tomorrow night and everyone lining the street trying to star-watch (Lady Gaga’s dancers were on stage), there was definitely a bottle-neck at John Street. A bit to the West, UK clothing brand Topshop has set up in the parking lot at Soho. Attracted by the loud n-ts n-ts from clubbing days of yore, I perused the racks of trendy summer clothing I’m never going to wear. Apparently Topshop is a BIG DEAL. I don’t know.

What I do know is that on my way out, I was offered some frozen yogurt with my choice of strawberry, chocolate, or caramel sauce and the option of a crunchy almond/caramel topping. I was on my way to Little Nicky‘s (375 Queen West, closed Sundays) for some doodle-time and donuts, but I was never one to say no to free frozen treats!

With Little Nicky’s door less than 50m away, I started to walk. ReallySlowly. I figured that I’d only eat a couple bites before moving on to donuts. I mean, how good could it be? It was free at some fashion thing! By the time I made my way across the light, I had to extend my walk. The frozen yogurt wasn’t sour like a lot of its ilk can be. It was also creamy, but not too rich, and astonishingly good. The topping added a nice nutty and toasty crunch to things. I spooned the pools of caramel sauce at the bottom of the cup onto my tongue, trying to consume the tasty and (subsequently) soupy mess. I was surprised at how good it all was.

It wasn’t until I was browsing through Twitter while sipping on my cappuccino (raspberry-flavoured donuts today!) that I realized why it was so high-quality – it was from  xococava (1560 Yonge Street)! Nice. Worth stopping by if you’re in the area. Get your mini-sundae scoop until 8pm tonight and then from 10-5 tomorrow (Sunday).

And yet, there are more events in the area. I’ll be tweeting up and down John Street between Wellington and Adelaide later today to see what some of the city’s restaurants have to offer at 1000 Tastes (part of Luminato). Takes place until 9 and then runs from noon to 6pm Sunday.

The weather is great, summer’s here (for now), and it’s a good time to be out. And eating.

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