A few years ago, I ate dinner at Le Club Chasse Et Pêche and liked it so much that I promptly made a reservation for lunch the next day. In the time since, I’ve pointed friends and family to this restaurant, and they too have had great meals there. A recent visit to Montreal with Vanessa (of Tongue & Cheek) gave me a chance to see if my delicious memories would hold true.

Now, I had planned to be all industrious and started writing this post up in Montreal. I promptly abandoned it due to the hot and steamy weather combined with no air conditioning – I kept falling asleep at my laptop. That was back in July. So details – they’re going to be sketchy. But really, I assume you’re here for the photos and less for my ramblings. So, onward!

We began with the mushroom tart. The delicate shell was visually and texturally interesting, but I missed having the weight and sandiness of a proper tart shell. The filling itself was awesome – lovely meaty chew, hearty flavour, with a delicious veal jus. Topped with aged cheddar and arugula. Really promising start to the meal.

Calf sweet breads, almond, tatsoi, aged balsamic.

Braised piglet risotto, foie shavings. Really nice. Very rich.

Kurobuta, cauliflower, macadamia, ginger. This was a single order split into two and Vanessa and I both felt it was a generous portion. Ginger wasn’t heavy at all and I was quite pleased that its use was subtle. Loved the medallions over the belly.

For dessert, the Alsace: stollen, Armagnac ice cream, fig and plum sauce. A very wintery type of dessert – maybe a little too heavy/holiday for the steamy weather at the time.

And perfectly summery: the Perfume – cream cheese sabayon, apricot, peach, and basil. Loved the crisp tuile “noodles.” I could eat this all day long with the lovely flavours and crunchy textures and creamy goodness.

And finally (yes, three desserts – why decide? eat them all!) the Festival; a delicious symphony of Québec berries and rhubarb, strawberry ice cream, and yogurt. Berries were all over the place and this was a fantastic presentation of them. I’ll be honest, I can’t remember if it was this or the Perfume that I enjoyed more, but I was happy we opted for three desserts instead of settling for two.

Part of Le Club Chasse Et Peche’s charm is its atmosphere – a library lounge set in a stone-walled cellar. I want to find a book, a glass of scotch, and seek the nearest fireplace (even if they don’t have one – it’s just what their room evokes in me). But despite the high-brow trappings, dress was far from formal when taking a survey of the room, and we were quite comfortable. Our server was also both amusing and amenable, making for a great dining experience. And the food? Still as good as I remembered and worth a visit to Old Town for.

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