I’ve been really lazy of late on the eating front. Oh, not that I haven’t been eating, but just not posting. Sorry about that! But I’ve been keeping tabs on some events you might like…

Hand To Mouth: Vol.1 (April 8)

Chef Cheska Zarah Ang (Actinolite) takes over Lamesa Filipino Kitchen with Kinamot – A Cebuana Island Dinner. Hand To Mouth: Volume 1 kicks off Lamesa’s eating-with-hands series.


Terroir Symposium (April 8)

I mentioned this last round-up, but… This year’s Terroir focuses on the stories of compelling food experiences, memories, and inspirations. Superstar chefs Magnus Nilsson (Faviken, Sweden) and René Redzepi (Noma, Denmark) are on deck as presenters. I didn’t make it out for their chef shoot (unlike last year), but if you’re interested in the discussion of food, this is a good event to hit.


Beau’s Beer Hall at Parts & Labour (April 11)

4 courses featuring Chef Matty Matheson’s tribute to the king of beasts: the pig! To be honest, all I know is that Matty’s contribution to the Hunter’s Feast dinner was so awesome, this is probably worth checking out. Especially after seeing this tweet.


Thorrablot: Edible Sagas (April 13)

So, if you missed that Icelandic meal at the Drake last month, despair not! The Estonian Club of Toronto is hosting a dinner – that includes hákarl! Not to mention a few other really interesting dishes listed under “Viking Challenges.”


Songkran 2556 (April 13)

A Thai new year involves water. And, at Khao San Road, it also includes Matt Blondin (Momofuku) and Alec Martin (Hawker Bar) among others (so the .pdf implied). KSR has been hosting this for a few years now, but this’ll be it’s first with guests chefs.


Death Row Meals: A Cut Above (April 15)

Geoff Dillon, Allison Slute, Whitney Rorison, and Joel Solish and the Death Row Meals Uncorked with Dillon’s Distillers.

Hand-made pasta with a sauce made with the best cuts of pork. The DRM kids and friends will show you how – and you’ll get to savour the results of your labour too. Bring a cooler: besides leftovers, you’ll be able to buy the remaining heritage Tamworth pork bits at MP along with Dolce Lucano salumi (good stuff).


Colborne Lane Reunion Dinner (April 15)

A crazy line up of chefs (Steve Gonzalez, Matt Blondin, Ben Heaton, David Haman, Andrew Wilson, Jonathan Poon, and of course, Claudio Aprile) are set to bring you a 7 course tasting menu (along with a “snack tour”?) out west at Origin Liberty.


Slurp Noodlefest 2.0 (April 20)

Mie Udang from Babi & Co.

Already on version 2! Even having arrived midway through the first event, I managed to taste everything save one vendor. And no line ups! The 99 Sudbury location is a lot larger than the last one, so I expect lots of room to mill about.


Group Of 7: Wild Leek Dinner (April 29)

Not much data yet, but hey, wild leeks! These are only guesses at what might make an appearance, but: soup, bacon, charred, confit?


Good Vs Evil Prix Fixe Dinner (May 5)

Bourdain and Ripert come to the Sony Centre and the Tempered Beast duo of Bertrand Alépée and Scott Vivian dish out a 4-course dinner before the show.


Food Truck Eats at Peller Estates (May 18)

Went last year and had a really lovely time. The space is so perfect for this – lots of room for everyone to mill about and sit and eat. Bring a picnic blanket and umbrella for shade. And, of course, food event tips still apply!


Though it’s still cold outside, it’s spring! Lots of food things happening. This is a curated list, so I don’t include everything I hear about, but if you want to let me know about an event, email me!