Had diner with friends at Rose & Sons¬†the other night and thought it a decent neighbourhood spot. Their sides were really good and I enjoyed many of them off the main dishes. Sadly, no fried chicken that night. But, by far, my favourite dish was the fried rice. My inner skeptic didn’t know what to make of it – my Chinese self was reading the ingredients with eye-brow raised. I was waiting to be disappointed, and was more than happily wrong. This fried rice is like nothing what I was expecting. Pickled ginger, whole broccoli, peanuts, soy, and whatever else in there – it was delicious. Loved the hard crunch of actual fried ¬†grains of rice and nutty & buttery toasted peanuts being chomped on. Would totally order this dish again.

I hear is pretty awesome too, but I’ve yet to try.