I’ve come to realize that my informal project to bake my way through the Bouchon Bakery Cookbook has come to a shuddering halt. Back in January, in fact. Because that was when I made those scones pictured up there. I remember these scones being pretty good and I apparently liked them enough to shoot some process photos. They’re more artsy than they are instructional, but it makes me want to pick up the reins of my quest once again…

A little cream for “glazing” the scones

Being precise is important

Using up the guanciale in the fridge

All the elements are in place

Dusted a sprinkle of fresh black pepper and the cheese before baking things up in the oven.

A nice moist interior and a toasty golden exterior.

I found these froze up well – so making them ahead is a worthwhile effort. Nice to be able to pull random breakfast treats out and bake them up on-demand!

Ultimately, it’s time for me to get back in the groove of this project. Gotta stop slacking or it’ll take me three or four years to get through this book. And though I’m still wary, the croissant recipe is waiting to be tackled. It’s nearly still cool enough, despite it almost being June!