So many good eats during the first evening of The Stop’s Night Market. Here are the visual highlights! Huge photopost warning.

Plant a plant and The Stop will make it grow!

Sights around the event.

The THR & Co boys hamming it up. Cart by Lokki Studio.

Wiggle Room’s Newfie Poutine (Chips, dressing, gravy). Great fries, perfectly cooked.

Mad Maple Ice Cream Sandwiches with Mapleton’s vanilla ice cream

Joel Solish, Joshana Maraz, Rossy Earle. SupiCucu’s chupe de chorizo was awesome – a delicious multi-layered soup. With potato, chick pea, and corn in a coconut, roasted pepper, and smoked tomato broth. Topped with scallion cream and the ever-delicious Diablo’s Fuego.

Samuel J Moore’s Chef Alexandra Feswick serves up corn dogs. Cart by Bare Minimum and Lorella Di Cintio.

Table 17/Ascari’s pea shoot salad with peanut dressing and pickled heirloom and daikon radish

Chantecler’s tartare on a shrimp chip. Really well balanced and the beef, as always, was high quality.

Barque’s smoked pork jowl slider with Thai cucumber slaw and spicy chill aioli. All I really needed was that yummy and smoky pork…!

Sugar Mama’s mini donuts fried in organic coconut oil. Cart by Fakeline Factory.

Ham and cheese sandwich on cornbread from Rose & Sons.

Archive served cicchetti (2 ways) and chilled cumber soup. Cute booth lights when the sun went down. Cart by Trace Paper Studio.

Gusto 101’s Cavallo Nero salad. Lacinate kale, zante currants, toasted pine nuts, pecorino & lemon vinaigrette. Liked their booth’s movie theatre feel. Cart by The Falco Collaboration.

Feast T.O.’s dumplings. The pho dumpling was probably the most deliciously surprising things I’d eaten all night. I regret not going back for seconds. Cart by Three Piece.

ESÉ’s Arpège Egg. Coddled yolk, house made chorizo, goat cheese, whipped potatoes. With a blue corn tortilla spear. A favourite of the night.

Paintbox Bistro’s chef stirs up some rabbit bolognese with mint

The Stop CFC’s barbecued squid bún.

Carmen had an agua chili ceviche and a great booth. Cart by 3runettes.

Emerson had a great lamb kofta and a sweet & tangy house-made hot sauce.

Bestellen’s n’duja & mozzarella sandwich was spicy, smoky, and really delicious. I especially loved the fried eggplant and fragrantly fresh pesto. For an event that required me to eat so much, I really wanted to eat more of their crisp and fried bread. Cart by KRDW.

Brockton General’s Pierogi Party. Potato & Ontario cheddar + cottage cheeses, braised cabbage & apples, sour cream. Cart by Studio Haha.

Nyood’s lamb ribs with chimmichurri bobandi.

Acadia’s Fried Anson Mills grits with aged cheddar and pimento dipping sauce. Cart by ROLAN.

Goodyear/Barry had two offerings, but the most interesting was the fried croissant squares dusted in sugar & cinnamon… cronut holes!

Sloane Fine Tea Merchants serving Crimson Berry Iced Tea

The vibrant and familiar cookies from Lindsey Bakes. At night, their booth’s red cranes fluttered with some led lights. Cart by PopTarts.

The Tempered Chef: Choux a la Crème Orange Vanille with confiture de lait. Very nice and balanced with a subtle orange taste.

Woodlot’s awesome booth – especially at night. Cart by [R]ed[U]x Lab.

Norman Hardie Wines. Cart by RamundiGlennon Studio.

I have booth shots of every booth, like last year that I still need to process, but don’t hold your breath. Because The Stop’s Night Market: Night 2 takes place tonight…