Farmhouse Tavern’s Barnyard Burger: A juicy and flavourful beef patty, subtle goat cheese, a thick-cut slice of pork belly, and topped with a fried egg. Really good and I’m glad I can eat this again at the restaurant.

The Stop’s Night Market: Night 2. I can’t lie – it was a hard slog after Night 1 (cry me a river, I know) and I left almost 90 minutes earlier. But here’s what I managed to get before tapping out for the evening.

The Drake’s Laughing Bird Prawn Roll & Chips. There were also pickled shoshito peppers that I shot, but didn’t think to take to eat. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

The Ritz Carlton’s TOCA offered two eats: a tunisian fricassee and a strawberry & tomato gazpacho.

Paulette’s Chicken and Donuts piles of donuts dusted with garam masala and sugar. I really didn’t need more donuts after nibbling through 37 of them earlier in the week, but damn, these were super fresh and good. I had a Homer moment and took one to-go at the end of the night. Cart by LeuWebb Projects.

Reunion Island Coffee offered both it’s staple offering of coffee (iced), as well as an their Benchmark Teas Jasmine (also iced). Love that floral jasmine. I am somewhat shamed to admit that I drank their coffee with cream. And a pump of sugar.

Josh Lindley and Brett, acting “casual”. They were mixing up a Jamaica lemonade with Meukow cognac.

Delica Kitchen’s Tandoori-spiked duck breast pastrami. With mango slaw and curried maple almonds. Though a little tough to get through, I liked the flavours off this dish.

The Grove had a super lovely lemon verbena cream, olive caramel, strawberry gelée, and basil granita.

416 Snack Bar’s Korean fried chicken.

URSA’s home made tofu with edamame, preserved and lemon, bonito, radish sprouts, and dashi-marinated mushrooms. Also: little sips of tofu whey to try.

Yours Truly’s Méchoui lamb, goat’s yogurt, flat great, and pickles. Cart by 3runettes.

Tori’s Bakeshop had fresh mini donuts in two flavours: strawberry cream and vanilla bean.

The Gabardine had this tasty Ontario pickerel tikka with bhelpuri, tamarind chutney, and yogurt. I liked the textural addition of the puffed rice bits.

The ladies from Living Kitchen Wellness and their colourful salad of quinoa, mint, basil, and honey pecans.

The Beet Organic Restaurant offered tempeh sloppy joes.

Torito’s jicama, watermelon, & pineapple pintos. A very classic Spanish way to eat fruit. Love that cart by 3runettes.

Valdez’s albacore tuna and watermelon ceviche, with pickled jicama and ginger. Steve Gonzalez works the cart with a very tidy work area.

There were repeats of the really tasty Naked Singapore Wings; non-battered and tossed in chill salt & prickly ash on a bean sprout salad from Hawker Bar.

Dillon’s was there too, though I didn’t sample. I knew I had my own bottles at home waiting for me.

Got a group shot of Chef Nick Liu and team GwaiLo before the storm hit. On offer: Hakka style spicy wontons with crispy onions and toasted Ontario nuts.

Pizzeria Libretto preps their meatball with ricotta & salmoriglio.

A tequila-misted Atlantic salmon ceviche with jalapeño from Marben.

For Night 2, The Stop’s booth offered the classic Osakan street food: takoyaki. Cart by Lift Office.

Cindy from Babi & Co tries to tell me her sign isn’t done yet. Enjoyed their chicken rending on a golden-fried Chinese bun. Cart by Association of Independant Makers.

Jack and Lil had many desserts: koeksisters (a sugar syrup covered doughnut from South Africa), malva pudding (a kind of sticky toffee pudding), and a Melktert meringue bites.

Hawthorne’s greek chicken satay.

Stockyards had fresh-from-the-fryer-hot pigs in a blanket.

Richmond Station had hot dogs 2 ways: with a tangy beet relish or covered in mustard. Really liked that beet relish.

Sorry I missed some booths! My stamina by the end of Night 2 was pretty dismal. Though my companions and I was of mixed opinion on which night was better, I thought Night 2 was pretty comparable to Night 1. Both had their hits and misses, both equally enjoyable.

Will write up my extended thoughts on the event later, but I wanted to get these out first.

If you haven’t already: See Night 1