John Street Farmer’s Market is a lovely little space just north of Queen at John, past the Umbra building adjacent to Grange Park. There used to be a sole organic vendor there in years past, but now they’ve made it larger. Open Wednesdays 3:30pm – 7pm, this is a small and relaxed market. Here’s a quick look at the various vendors I saw when I stumbled upon them in their first week.

More courtyard lovliness

The courtyard isn’t the most obvious feature of the market, but it is one you should check out. Follow the signs!

Fresh Start Farm – providing you with edible plants for your garden.

John Street Farmer’s Market

Big City Greens

Plum Bun Bakery with chocolate and coconut tarts alongside patties and more.

McCamus Maple Farms

Fruits and veggies available for your eating pleasure.

Brazen Razor’s soaps, balms, and oils – including shaving creams and oils for men too.

Big Wheel Coffee located in the lovely and picturesque courtyard.

Fiddlehead Farms from Prince Edward County.

The Niemi Family Farm. With breads, and more importantly, donuts!

Had The Pop Stand’s coconut at another event. Tasty.

Courtyard panorama