It’s rare that I feel more strongly about the decor than I do about the food, but at Colette Grand Cafe this is true. The space reminds of a home. A really, really, nicely appointed home.


Look at the lamination on these guys! Some will love their pain au chocolat (left), but it’s the plain croissant (right) that’s got me all atwitter.

The only thing that supersedes my love for the feel of the space is their fantastic croissant. Definitely eat that. It’s probably my favourite croissant in the city and nigh comparable to my other favourites: Tartine (San Francisco) and Cafe Besalu (Seattle). I hope that they continue to produce such quality pastry and I look forward to checking out their dinner, and eventually, their lunch/brunch menus.

For now, take a look at this newly opened gorgeous space!

Morning room and bakery
Table setting and main hallway
Hallway shots
Tea and dessert
Living room and main dining room

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