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A(nother) Meal At The Hoof

Brandon Olsen is somewhere in middle America right now, driving across the country seeking adventure and delicious things. But back at the end of October, I sat down at The Black Hoof’s bar to make sure I got in one last… Continue Reading →

The Black Hoof's Pierogies

New menu items and a cocktail bar from the kids at The Black Hoof!

Pork Carnitas Tacos At The Black Hoof

Since January 2011, every time I go to The Black Hoof (928 Dundas Street West), I order the current iteration of their pork tacos. It began as pig’s head tacos (see below) and has evolved to the dish we see… Continue Reading →

Hoof Café Crazy

It’s hard to say this, but having gone to the Hoof Café and The Black Hoof twice apiece in the span of a week, I think I’ve officially overdosed on the Hoof goodness for now. That being said, let me… Continue Reading →

Solo Dining In Toronto

Prompted by a question on Chowhound, I put together a rough version of this list as a reply. While I can’t say I dine alone often, these are certainly restaurants where I have, or would, pull out a magazine or… Continue Reading →

Nibbles 'n' Notes Around Town

I’ll usually post about a good meal or something noteworthy, but sometimes, I just have these tidbits of meals that don’t equal a whole post. I finally hit critical mass on these recently, and so, here are my recent bits… Continue Reading →

Celebrating International Pig Day At The Black Hoof

There’s been a National Pig Day on March 1st in the US since 1972, but apparently (as of this year) Prince Edward County has now decided to make it International Pig Day, “extending it into a month-long appreciation of pigs,… Continue Reading →

The Hoof Café Is Pig Heaven

We met up with a friend last Saturday morning at the recently opened The Hoof Café, The Black Hoof‘s newest outpost. Well, it’s more like a nearpost, as it’s located right across the street. With a totally different vibe and… Continue Reading →

The Black Hoof

The Black Hoof opened last year in Toronto and instantly set local food enthusiasts abuzz with its meat-centric menu, filled with house-cured charcuterie. A glance at the Chef’s ‘blog revealed such treats as pig snout, raw horse, and lamb headcheese…. Continue Reading →

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