Pork Steak & Beans. A hearty winter dish.

Brandon Olsen is somewhere in middle America right now, driving across the country seeking adventure and delicious things. But back at the end of October, I sat down at The Black Hoof’s bar to make sure I got in one last meal during Chef Olsen’s last service. And well, do I really need an excuse to eat at The Hoof? Of course not!

Hoof Lardo. I don’t usually order off the left side of the chalkboard (there’s always so much to eat on the right side!!), but this is really lovely. Smooth satiny texture, a nice balance of fat to meat, and just salty enough. Two of us at ate it all straight.

Smoked sweetbreads and tuna. Really nicely prepared.

Smoked mackerel with lardo weaved in and pieces of mandarin oranges.

Blood Sausage and Popcorn. Really enojyed the combined texture. Loved the flavour and style of the blood sausage.

Chef Brandon Olsen.

You can read my thoughts over the years from my other posts, but wanted to share that I’m still lovin’ The Hoof. The space is comfortable and casual, yet the service is top-notch – knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff are always fun to interact with. And as always, their dishes are delicious. It’s a total bonus that the lighting at the bar is really awesome for taking photos. The steel thread of consistency woven into The Hoof’s fabric by Jen Agg shines through and continues to keep The Black Hoof on top.

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