Walked in to Campagnolo last week with a craving for their spaghetti all’amatriciana. It was chilly outside and visions of warmth and a glass of red were dancing in my head. I sat at the bar and was almost swayed by their tagliatelle and white truffle dish, but decided to save that for another night. I was glad I stuck with the plan – the noodles were that perfect al dente that I love: only just cooked. The slightly spicy and delicious porky flavour of the tomato sauce were perfect for the cold day. With a glass of red and in no rush, it was a lovely dinner. I also had another long-time favourite: the salted caramel budino. More photos after the jump.

It’s been almost two years since I’d first eaten the spaghetti and the budino, but I love and appreciate that they’re both still around and still really excellent dishes.

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