I’ve eaten at The Feasting Room twice in the last few months and found great food and lovely people. With Chef Noah Goldberg turning out some tasty dishes and the ever agréable Mathieu Dutan working the room, it’s a strong duo. But they’re a pop-up (with their eyes on a permanent location) and they wrap-up in the next two weeks or so (Nov 18th is their last day). So though I wanted to be more eloquent about their dishes, time’s a tickin’ and I didn’t want to delay further – these guys deserve more spotlight before they end their run at the Orbit Room.

Starters: Squash soup w/rabbit shreds (left). Rillette with duck fat and pickled beans (right).

Heart, kidney, liver, on celery root, balsamic reduction. Oh yum.

A drink of Grignolinio D’Asti.

Shallots, chickpea, mustard, creme fraiche, rabbit shoulder, house-made bacon.

Cute that they give you a “map” of where all the bits of the meal are coming from.

Rabbit saddle + liver + pancetta + meat glue + polenta + cobb corn + ox tail gravy

Back for duck! They recognized me from the week before and comped me a glass of champagne.

Confit duck gizzards, deep fried. Sided with an aioli dipping sauce.

Duck heart in a braising liquid of chicken stock & butter. With celery root puree and chips. Loved the puree + chip combo.

Raviolo with confit garlic and duck neck braised in broth. This was so so so good.

Fries and “wings” – duck fat fries, bbq sauced fried duck tongues, blue cheese dipping sauce and heirloom carrots. Thought these were really good.

Now – not all dishes are a winner, but in general, I’ve had more hits than misses. I’m also more than happy to see the creativity of using a single animal throughout the meal; a hint of Iron Chef on the plate. Each menu is about 6 courses, with starters on top. You won’t be stuffed, but I never left hungry.

While the weather was good, the back patio was rather pleasant, but since the weather’s turned, seating will be inside the Orbit Room bar and significantly less charming. Still, it’s worth enduring for a meal from The Feasting Room team! If you’re interested in their last animal (beef!), it runs to Monday, starting this Thursday (tomorrow). They’ve only a few seatings left for their “best of” run, so make your reservations quickly!

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