The Bacon & Egger - my new favourite breakfast sandwich. Sided with some really tasty onion rings.

It’s hard to say this, but having gone to the Hoof Café and The Black Hoof twice apiece in the span of a week, I think I’ve officially overdosed on the Hoof goodness for now. That being said, let me highlight some yummy things that are on the Hoof Café‘s current menu!

The Bacon & Egger – so good that I had it two days in a row. Thick-cut bacon, topped with a fried egg, sunny-side up and some greens. Sandwiched between soft Calabrese bread, if I recall correctly. Decadent and delicious. Comes sided with lightly-battered onion rings. Really tasty.

Less a Ploughman‘s and more breakfast charcuterie. Mine came with: Blueberry bison, horse salami w/walnut, venison w/mustard, spicy summer sausage, foie terrine with duck, capicollo, procuitto, and lavander duck, (hope I got all that right!). A chunk of Douannier, crisps, and pickled veg completed this board. Of the charcuterie, the procuitto was the only one not made in-house. The spicy summer sausage was my favourite overall.

On the menu when I went was a chilled celery soup with salmon roe (yep, ikura) and a dollop of crème fraîche. The soup itself has a slight bitter tinge to it that might turn some off. But a spoonful with a salty roe egg and laced with the crème made it very tasty. Though I liked it, it’s not for every one.

Now, I’ve been meaning to eat the Brioche French Toast for the longest time with the foie gras, but I just couldn’t do it (having eaten at both the Hoof Café and The Black Hoof the previoius day). However, I thought this was a really tasty french toast with maple syrup, maple butter, and apple sauce. Sugared julienned green apple was a nice contrast to the sweet on the plate. I’d jack this up with a side of bacon next time if I’m still daunted by the thought of a giant chunk of foie in the morning.

There were some repeats ordered by others that I didn’t get to sample anew. I hear they’re updating the menu soon, so I don’t know how many things are sticking to the menu, so visit soon. Now available to-go: tees and charcuterie! I was sad that I couldn’t get some piggy-shaped summer sausage, as Death By Brunch (scroll to the end for a shot – so cute) had.

  • The Hoof Café 923 Dundas Street West, Toronto

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