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TUM Faves: Kwek Kwek

I’ve had these guys before, but Bistro Filipino’s kwek kwek – deep-fried quail eggs in anatto batter and a rice dipping sauce – were especially delicious this time around. Lightly crispy on the outside, delicious molten yolk inside. Wanted to get… Continue Reading →

TUM Faves: KEO's Caramels

KEO Confiserie’s delicious caramels are delicious.

TUM Faves: Meat On Shrimp Chip

Simple & tasty bites of sausage (beef, they said?) with greek yogurt, pickled onions, and cucumber. I liked the crunch of the chip with the softer bounce of the sausage. And the pickled bits worked well with things. From The Backyard… Continue Reading →

A Farewell To Summer

One afternoon in late August, I had travelled far from the sticky and humid city of Toronto and arrived at the more temprate locale of Brooklands Farm in Muskoka. As the sun continued its descent toward a stand of trees on… Continue Reading →

Cake Day

The concept is simple: you bake a cake and share it with everyone else who is also doing the same. When ten friends get together, that’s a lot of cake! Especially when the ambitious make two.

Nibbles 'n' Notes Around Town [August 2012]

While I haven’t been going out often in the last little while, I’m trying to make up for it. Here’s what’s on my radar. The Bellevue Robbie Hojilla (ex-Ursa/Woodlot) is at The Bellevue tonight (Monday, August 20th) cooking up a… Continue Reading →

Dîner En Blanc's Toronto Debut

When I had read – and heard from friends – about last year’s Dîner En Blanc test-run at the Distillery, I was sad to have missed out on all the fun. So when I was invited to go this year, I jumped at the chance. Despite some trepidation on the logistics, I eagerly committed and promptly pushed all concerns out of my mind.

The Stop's Night Market Lights Up

The booths. The food. The crowd. See what you missed at one of Toronto’s best eating events of the year so far!

Delicious Journeys With El Gastronomo Vagabundo

The popularity of food trucks are on a meteoric rise thanks to people like Tamara and Adam (team El Gastronomo Vagabundo) putting out good food and Suresh Doss (Spotlight Toronto) getting the word out and making events happen. So it’s… Continue Reading →

10 Tips For Eating At A Food Event

Now that I’ve got nearly a year’s worth of Toronto Underground Market and Food Truck Eats under my belt, I felt it time to update the list I had written up back in August. It’s not too different, but this… Continue Reading →

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