Trying to get a shot with everyone’s cake was hard…

The concept is simple: you bake a cake and share it with everyone else who is also doing the same. When ten friends get together, that’s a lot of cake! Especially when the ambitious make two. Giant photo-dump ahead – please focus more on the epic-ness of this day than my inability to get decent shots. 

JoAnne stirs things up with one of her cakes.

JoAnne’s brown sugar cornmeal pecan cake had this great nutty flavour – due to a double-hit of pecans! Can’t complain.

Jacquilynne’s mammoth coconut lime pound cake.

Not-cake: Chengdu braised ribs on rice. So good. A recipe from JoAnne’s mother.

Deanna’s Basil Ice Cream Cake. With layers of meringue!

A slice of Yvonne’s Crepe Cake.

Shumin’s Perfect Party Cake.

Kathleen’s pear and chocolate cake.

A slice of my Pandan cake with gula melaka frosting. I was pretty happy with the colour/taste.

Making the layers even… I totally want one of these now.

Vanessa’s Strawberry Cake with lemon buttercream.

Edythe’s Red Wine Chocolate Cake. Love the swirl!

Cindy’s Guava Chiffon Cake.

JoAnne’s Strawberry Cake.

Edythe’s Orange & Pistachio Cakelets.

And that it, folks! May post up about the pandan cake later. But, coming up in November… Cookie Day!!