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TUM Faves: KEO's Caramels

These caramels from KEO Confiserie are $1 a piece, but they’re delicious and completely worth it. They’re chewy, creamy, yet don’t stick to your teeth in any significant way. My only suggestion would be for them to dust a pinch of maldon on their salted caramel for that extra oomph. Though how to to this practically, I can’t say. This minor issue didn’t stop me since I went back to their table twice and bought a bunch more home. Now, how to get more outside of TUM..? They’ve informed me that they now have pickup locations in Mississaugua, North York, and Brampton! Visit their facebook page or contact them via their website and find out more.

A series of my favourites from Toronto Underground Market’s 1st anniversary bash.

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2 Responses to “TUM Faves: KEO's Caramels”

  1. seeta chang-kee

    The best carmels I’ve ever had. Imagine my daughter’s request was to have some of these carmels for her birthday…lol…’s that goooood. I would like to know where I can find you guys now that the market is closed.


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